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Our Mission

The mission of the Asian Community Health Coalition (ACHC) is to eliminate health disparities in chronic illnesses, infectious diseases and mental health by reducing risk factors, promoting healthy lifestyles and applying evidence-based and culturally appropriate strategies and programs in diverse communities.

Our Goals

  • Address local, regional and national emerging health issues in cooperation with diverse community organization partners, health providers, research institutions and governmental entities;
  • Address health disparities, with a focus on chronic illnesses (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis), infectious diseases and mental health especially in underserved and uninsured diverse populations;
  • Establish sustainable capacity and infrastructure in community organizations that encourage and facilitate community-based participatory research and training activities for eliminating health disparities;
  • Develop academic, governmental, and lay community partnerships to accelerate dissemination and adoption of evidence-based prevention and treatment of health conditions;
  • Advocate for health policies that advance equity in access to health care and services;
  • Identify local, regional, national, and international resources to develop and implement a student/scholar/ clinician exchange program aimed at improving the delivery of health services to populations with health disparities.

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Become a Member

Individual, private or public organizations interested in the health of Asian communities are welcome to become members of Asian Community Health Coalition.


Board of Directors

  • Davey Cheng
  • Daniel Hsieh
  • Ning Huang
  • Jamil I. Toubbeh
  • Pho Tran
  • Xingjie Wang
  • Dunli Wu
  • Charlene Zeng

Community Advisory Board

  • Steven Chang
  • Wang Kyu Chae
  • Ho Sung Kee
  • Philip Lai
  • Andy Liu
  • Betty Mon
  • Joseph Nguyen An
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Philip Siu
  • Trong Tram
  • Amita Vasoya
  • Yi Yong
  • Xin-He Zheng

Financial Accountability

Financial accountability and management are governed by the Asian Community Health Coalition's by-laws which, in turn, are designed to protect the interest of stakeholders. These are guided by a Board of Directors that meets regularly to resolve issues of accountability or management as these may arise. A financial statement report is prepared annually by an independent auditor and submitted to the Board and applicable state and Federal agencies.

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