Board of Directors

Davey Cheng
Daniel Hsieh
Ning Huang
Jamil I. Toubbeh
Pho Tran
Xingjie Wang
Dunli Wu
Charlene Zeng

Community Advisory Board
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Steven Chang
Wang Kyu Chae
Ho Sung Kee
Philip Lai
Andy Liu
Betty Mon
Joseph Nguyen An
Kim Nguyen
Joanne Rhee
Philip Siu
Trong Tram
Amita Vasoya
Yi Yong
Xin-He Zheng

Financial Accountability
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Financial accountability and management are governed by the Asian Community Health Coalition's by-laws which, in turn, are designed to protect the interest of stakeholders. These are guided by a Board of Directors that meets regularly to resolve issues of accountability or management as these may arise. A financial statement report is prepared annually by an independent auditor and submitted to the Board and applicable state and Federal agencies.