Our Mission

The mission of the Asian Community Health Coalition (ACHC) is to eliminate health disparities in chronic illnesses, infectious diseases and mental health by reducing risk factors , promoting healthy lifestyles and applying evidence-based and culturally appropriate strategies and programs in Asian communities.

Our Goals
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  • Define,prioritize and develop strategies to address regional, national and international critical health issues in cooperation with Asian community partners, health providers, research institutions and governmental entities;
  • Develop long-term strategies to address health disparities, with a focus on chronic illnesses (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis), infectious diseases (HBV, HPV and HIV) and mental health especially in underserved and uninsured Asian populations;
  • Establish in Asian communities an sustainable capacity and infrastructure that encourage and facilitate community-based participatory research and training activities focused on eliminating health disparities;
  • Develop local, regional, national and international academic, governmental and lay community partnerships to accelerate diffusion and adoption of evidence-based approaches to prevention and treatment of health conditions;
  • Advocate for health policies that ensure equality in access to health care and services;
  • Identify local, regional, national and international resources to develop and implement a student/scholar/clinician exchange program aimed at improving the delivery of health services to populations with health disparities.

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Individual, private or public organizations interested in the health of Asian communities are welcome to become members of Asian Community Health Coalition. To join and participate in the ACHC effort, please download the ACHC Membership form, complete and forward it to: asiancommunityhealthcoalition@comcast.net or by mail to ACHC, 1106 Buttonwood Street Unit A, Philadelphia, PA 19123.