What does ACHC do

  • ACHC conducts a wide range of programs and activities in Asian communities experiencing health disparities in cooperation with Center for Asian Health at Temple University, hospitals and clinics and other independent or volunteer healthcare providers;

  • ACHC supports and provides assistance for community-based initiatives that focus on exploring culturally-appropriate solutions to urgent community health needs;

  • ACHC conducts education and screening programs on a variety of health problems such as hepatitis B, breast and cervical cancer, stomach and colorectal cancer, osteoporosis, hypertension, and smoking-related health problems;

  • ACHC provides health educational materials to communities using a variety of venues that would raise the awareness level of health problems;

  • ACHC works with partner health providers to raise their level of awareness of the special needs of Asian communities through education and hands-on experience in Asian communities;

  • ACHC provides technical assistance to local, regional, national and international communities in program development and implementation;

  • ACHC assists in institutions and Federal and state agencies in recruitment of Asian Americans for clinical trials that aim at improving the overall health of Asians;

  • ACHC provides assistance to young health professionals (advanced students, scholars, clinicians) that would enhance their career development in Asian health issues.